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Exceptional Academic Talent

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111 students were honored for their hard work and dedication with their induction into the Farmingdale High School chapter of the National Honor Society. The ceremony took place in the auditorium and included speeches from Superintendent Paul Defendini, Principal Dr. Samuel Thompson, and keynote speaker, social studies teacher James Hughes, who spoke about the significant character traits that encompass members of the National Honor Society.

“How do we find hope during this current crisis?” James Hughes asked. “The answer is right here in front of me. It’s the talented people who I know can solve today’s problems and help create a better tomorrow.”

To maintain COVID-19 regulations, the school divided the class of inductees into two groups and held separate ceremonies. A livestream of the ceremony was provided to the families of those students being inducted into the National Honor Society.

“Reflect on everything you’ve accomplished despite what some would call insurmountable odds,” said Superintendent Paul Defendini. “You should all be very proud.”

The evening concluded with a candle lighting ceremony in which student officers of the National Honor Society lit the candles in honor of the new members. The center candle represents the torch that is the symbol of the National Honor Society seal. The remaining four candles symbolize the virtues of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character that each National Honor Society possesses and upholds.

“You have already developed the traits in being self-starters and individual thinkers,” said Farmingdale High School Principal, Dr. Samuel Thompson. “You display the exemplary ability to carry out responsibilities that set you apart from your peers.”

The National Honor Society was established in 1921 and is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize high school students. All students must have a 90 or above unweighted average to be admitted. The inductees must also exemplify the virtues of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

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