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On December 10th, Farmingdale School District band directors Erica Hartmann, ToniAnn Taibi, and David Abrams organized and led twenty-two talented students from Farmingdale High School and Howitt Middle School to perform in the 50th Annual Tuba Christmas concert at The Rink in Rockefeller Center. The show had everyone tapping their toes to the festive tunes.

The excitement was palpable as they arrived at Rockefeller Center, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city during the holiday season. Our Dalers played with skill and passion that left the audience in awe. It was a magical moment to witness the joy on their faces and they took part in this festive tradition.

Farmingdale was publicly acknowledged at the final performance with three honors this year:

  1. Blake Ferraiolo, Emily Hughes, Stella Levenson, and Bradley Seenauth were the four youngest participants out of over 375 players.
  2. Farmingdale had the largest group participation, with 27 musicians.
  3. Our Superintendent, Paul Defendini, and Fine and Performing Arts Director, Greg Warnokowski, played their instruments along with Howitt music teacher Erica Hartmann ToniAn Taibi and High School music teacher David Abrams.

What an incredible experience for our 6th-12th grade musicians to perform in NYC! The Farmingdale School District is incredibly proud of its talented students and the dedication they put into their craft. This experience will undoubtedly be one that they will treasure for years to come.

2023 Tuba Christmas Participants

Farmingdale High School: Dylan Castillo Fernandez, Jackson Defendini, Tyler Purcell, Michael Antonellis, Peter Esposito, William Herbert, Anthony McKee, Charlotte Rutkowski, Tahir Wilcox Andrew Adamo, Christian D'Amico Luke Ferraiolo, Rene Ruiz, Mason Schwimmer

Howitt Middle School: Blake Ferraiolo, Emily Hughes, Stella Levenson, Bradley Seenauth, Thomas Blaser, Nicholas Kopack, Ryder Mammolito, Bryan Belanger

Administration: Superintendent of Schools Paul Defendini, Director of Fine and Performing Arts Greg Warnokowski

Teachers: Dan Abrams, Erica Hartmann, ToniAnn Taibi

Alumn: Joe Geraci

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