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Woodward Parkway would like to congratulate the Class of 2020.

  • Woodward Parkway Elementary School Ceremony on 8/17 at 7 P.M. at Howitt Field - Livestream Link

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Welcome Back Dalers!

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A Few Highlights From Our First Week Back

Holiday Cheer for All to Hear

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Below you’ll find several links to all of the festive performances our Daler community has orchestrated this Holiday season. Enjoy!

Albany Avenue Elementary School's Senior Band & Orchestra Holiday Greeting 2020

Farmingdale High School Hallelujah Chorus

Tuba Christmas

Farmingdale High School Mixed Chorus: Deck the Halls

Farmingdale High School Marching Band & Dalerettes Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

Saltzman East Memorial Elementary School: Holiday Entrance Music 2020

Daler A Cappella - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Farmingdale High School's Jazz Chorus performs Silent Night

Northside Senior Band Winter Concert 2020

Symphony Orchestra

String and Symphony Orchestras December Collaboration



Farmingdale School District-Settle The Ball 2020

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Dear Farmingdale School Community,

It’s safe to say that none of us, including myself, knew what to expect this school year. Those first few days of school were a whirlwind. Four days felt like four weeks. But amidst the noise and haste, something interesting happened in the days that followed, our staff started to “settle the ball.” Our level of comfort grew in this new world that we created and so did the experiences that we provided for our students. Walking the halls, I heard the sounds of joyful learning, heartfelt laughing, and a connection that I could have never imagined possible.

In soccer, settling the ball provides momentary control, allowing the player to make a good next decision. Failing to settle the ball causes players to rush their decision-making process and ultimately results in careless mistakes. It is a reference back to Superintendent's Conference Day in September and my attempt to slow down the pace of what was going on all around us. “Settle the Ball” is the theme of this year’s Daler pin, something that we here in the district wear with pride to remember the essence of what it is to be a family and to remember the importance of our collective efforts. This year's Daler pin is featured in the attached video.

As we enter the Thanksgiving break, I’d like to take a moment to thank the incredible staff we have here in the Farmingdale School District. We are truly blessed. I have found that sometimes words are not enough to express a person’s worth. Sometimes, people need to see themselves and see their impact to truly realize how selfless and powerful they truly are. This video is a testament to our staff putting their needs on the back burner and focusing instead on the needs of their students. Although we are all a bit beaten and battered, there has never been more reason to feel an overwhelming sense of pride than today. May every one of you have a most blessed and safe Thanksgiving break and enjoy the attached “Settle the Ball” video!

All my best,

Paul Defendini


Lessons That Count

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Lessons That Count

Farmingdale Math Specialists Present at Annual Conference

Math Specialist Dina Carlucci, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Olsen, and fellow Math Specialist, Janice Puglisi presented a virtual demonstration at the 2020 Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State (AMTNYS), Annual Mathematics Conference. This year’s conference was modified from its original in-person platform in Rochester and Syracuse to a virtual platform in order to maintain safe social distancing practices.

“I am overjoyed to showcase the exciting and meaningful mathematics instruction provided in the Farmingdale district through our Math Inquiry Lab,” said Dina Carlucci, Math Specialist and lead presenter. “The district is committed to cultivating an appreciation for the subject in all students Grades K-6.”

Last spring, the group composed a presentation proposal to the AMTNYS illustrating the different methods Math Specialists in Farmingdale provide to their respective schools. The title of their proposal was "Math Inquiry Lab: A Vehicle of Differentiated Instruction and Student Engagement Grades 3-5". The proposal was accepted and they were chosen to present at the conference to a community of mathematics educators and theorists.

The Math Inquiry Lab is operating throughout the district’s four elementary schools, Grades K-5, and in the Howitt Middle School for Grade 6. There are six Math Specialists in the elementary schools combined and one Math Specialist at the middle school. The director is Dr. Jennifer Olsen, who initiated the program, seeing a need for the students to engage in mathematical discovery. The feedback from students, teachers, and parents has been extremely positive.

Cover our Kids Campaign

 Tim Peycke, Superintendent Paul Defendini, and Scott Colletti  thumbnail169043
Tim Peycke, Superintendent Paul Defendini, and Scott Colletti
On Friday, May 1, 2020, Superintendent Paul Defendini received a shipment of masks from Tim Peycke of RENU Contracting Restoration/Milburn Flooring and Scott Colletti from the Promise of Hope Foundation, who have teamed up on a campaign called Cover our Kids. Their initiative is presently donating non-surgical masks to communities in need through school districts across Long Island. 

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