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BOE Committee Listings



Audit Committee
Anthony Giordano, Mike Goldberg 
Alternate: Suzanne D’Amico 

Curriculum Review Committee
Suzanne D'Amico, Shéree Jones, Dawn Luisi

Facilities Assessment Advisory Committee
Anthony Giordano, Mike Goldberg, Shéree Jones

Legislative Action Committee
Suzanne D’ Amico, Anthony Giordano, Kathy Lively

Policy Committee
Suzanne D’ Amico, Anthony Giordano, Kathy Lively

Safety Committee
Suzanne D’ Amico, Anthony Giordano, Kathy Lively
Alternate: Ralph Morales

Shared Decision Making Committee
Suzanne D’ Amico, Dawn Luisi, Ralph Morales

Wellness Committee
Anthony Giordano, Shéree Jones, Kathy Lively


BOCES Representative for Budget Workshops
Shéree Jones, Anthony Giordano, Mike Goldberg

Chamber of Commerce
Suzanne D’Amico, Kathy Lively

Community Summit
Anthony Giordano, Mike Goldberg, Kathy Lively

Concerned Citizens of Farmingdale
Anthony Giordano, Kathy Lively, Dawn Luisi

Farmingdale Youth Council
Shéree Jones, Kathy Lively

IDA Town of Nassau and Town of Babylon
Suzanne D’Amico, Anthony Giordano, Mike Goldberg

Library Liaison
Dawn Luisi, Shéree Jones

Local Associations
Kathy Lively, Ralph Morales

NYSSBA State Legislative Network
Suzanne D’Amico, Anthony Giordano, Kathy Lively

Mike Goldberg, Shéree Jones, Ralph Morales

PTA Council
Suzanne D’Amico, Mike Goldberg, Kathy Lively, Dawn Luisi

Mike Goldberg

Republic Airport Commission
Suzanne D’Amico, Ralph Morales

Suzanne D’ Amico, Mike Goldberg, Kathy LIvely
Alternates: Anthony Giordano

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