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Northside Elementary School would like to congratulate the Class of 2021.

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Farmingdale’s Vision For Its Graduates

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Farmingdale School District to Lead Community Visioning Process; Sets New Standard for Student Success

Every day, the Farmingdale Union Free School District strives to create a learning environment and curriculum that is both engaging and innovative in the ever-changing education landscape. The district’s latest efforts come in the form of Portrait of a Graduate, a nationally recognized and proven pathway to elevating school district offerings to best position its students for success inside and outside the classroom.

“The last 18 months have been a monumental challenge for us all. As COVID cases recede and our schools fully open up for our students, we now have a window of opportunity to refocus our attention by redefining our collective expectations for our graduates, ” said Paul Defendini, superintendent of schools. “This is quite possibly the most important work we may ever undertake here in Farmingdale Schools and we need all of our stakeholders to take an active role as we form our Portrait of a Graduate.”

While still in the development phase, the Farmingdale School District has commenced outreach efforts to key sectors of the community and stakeholders. In doing so, the district is able to obtain a diverse set of perspectives and feedback on how it can expand upon its academic and extracurricular offerings to better prepare students for life after graduation. Throughout the beginning of fall, community members will be prompted to provide feedback on several topics related to the academic processes, programs and outcomes within the district via the platform ThoughtExchange, which promotes an open exchange of thoughts on a shared platform. Once all data has been collected and synthesized, the district will provide the results of this effort with the community and adopt practices that will continue to lead Farmingdale students down a path of success.

“We must come together as a community united in our vision for the future success of our students,” said Dr. William Brennan, assistant superintendent for innovation and organizational development. “Implementing a mechanism by which parents, staff, and the Farmingdale community can provide feedback on how to better prepare our students for life after high school will serve as an invaluable component in this process. Together, we can create and adopt our own set of student outcomes to serve as a North Star for all Farmingdale graduates.”

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.

Daler Pride

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Farmingdale's district-wide Spirit Week is October 12-15. Dalers are encouraged to show off their school spirit and participate in themed apparel days. Spirit Week is capped off with the Farmingdale High School pep rally, which will be live-streamed for all students, faculty, and families to view. 

Picture Collage of students from AA, NS, SEM, and WWP enjoying Spirit Week

Watch the Pep Rally HERE!

Photo Credit James Suckle. Farmingdale High School junior James Suckle has been busy capturing the Dalers in action this season. James is inspired by the sports environment and wishes to pursue a career in sports photography. You can view more of his work on his INSTAGRAM PAGE.

Daler Digest

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It's back! The Daler Digest, your monthly digital newsletter. Read September's Issue Now


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Hi, my name is Ellie Hilton, I have type one diabetes, and I am entering sixth grade at Howitt Middle School this September. Last summer, I got a diabetic alert dog named Biscuit. He is trained to alert me when my blood sugar is high or low. Biscuit was only six months old when I got him, and because of the Covid-19 shutdown, he never trained in a school. Biscuit was too young to stay with me full-time this past school year, so my mom, a teacher at Howitt, brought Biscuit to school with her most days for training. Even when he wasn't with me, he could detect my blood sugar changes. He could sense the highs and lows from across town when I was at Northside, and he was with my mom at Howitt. This September, though, Biscuit will be with me all day.

I am so happy that Biscuit was able to train with my mom at Howitt. I know everyone loved having him around and can’t wait to have him back in the halls again this year.

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.

2021 Farmingdale District Art Show

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The artwork you are about to enjoy highlights the perseverance and dedication of our teachers and students, some of who spent a year and a half learning from home. Through technology and inventive media we’ve become more resilient, more prolific Daler artists. And now, I invite you to enjoy our 2021 Farmingdale District Art Show!!

Enter the Art Gallery HERE!


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