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Saltzman East Memorial Building

Saltzman East Memorial 


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Congratulations to our staff members, who were acknowledged at the retirement/tenure ceremony on June 5, 2024. Wishing each retiree a long, happy, and healthy retirement.

To those who have attained tenure, we offer our sincere congratulations and gratitude for your ongoing commitment and effort. Your contributions are priceless, and we anticipate many more years of your expertise and guidance.


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Saltzman East Memorial’s Heroes Parade on Friday, May 24, 2024, was spectacular. Students swapped their Daler green in favor of Red, White, and Blue to cheer on first responders and military members. The weather was perfect as students and staff gathered outside with posters, banners, and streamers to thank our heroes!

Watch highlights from SEM's Heroes Parade HERE!




All concerts this season will take place in-person, with no need for tickets to attend. Additionally, all concerts will be recorded. Links from each performance will be made available here a few days after the performance.














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Art teachers across all six Farmingdale School District buildings dedicated months to curating pieces for the annual DistrictWide Art Show. Held in the Farmingdale High School Commons, this art exhibition is a vibrant celebration of creativity and self-expression, highlighting the exceptional talents of students district-wide.

Families can admire various artworks, from paintings and sculptures to digital designs and mixed media creations. This event highlights young minds’ artistic achievements and provides a platform for families to bond over their shared appreciation for the arts.

A round of applause goes out to all the Daler artists featured in the exhibition! A special thank you goes out to Farmingdale’s Fine Arts department for their outstanding efforts in nurturing these budding talents and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills.

Watch a video from the District Art Show


Farmingdale School District Shines in National PTA Reflections Program thumbnail258362
Farmingdale School District Shines in National PTA Reflections Program thumbnail258363
Farmingdale School District Shines in National PTA Reflections Program thumbnail258364
Farmingdale School District Shines in National PTA Reflections Program thumbnail258365
Farmingdale School District Shines in National PTA Reflections Program thumbnail258366
Farmingdale School District Shines in National PTA Reflections Program thumbnail258367

The National PTA Reflections program offers a platform for students of various grade levels to exhibit their creativity and skills. The 2023-2024 theme “I am Hopeful Because…” inspired young artists from the Farmingdale School District to submit an impressive total of 97 entries.

A District-Wide Reflections Ceremony was held at Farmingdale High School to honor this excellent program and the participating students. The event, celebrating artistic expression, showcased diverse entries in literature, photography, painting, drawing, and music. It highlighted the students' dedication and talent poured into their creations.

The National PTA Reflections Program recognized Howitt Middle School students Elizabeth Hilton, Emily Kelly, and Kieran Ruppert as Nassau Finalists. Sixth grader Addison Suwalski stood out with her self-choreographed dance piece “I am Unstoppable,” propelling her to the National Finals, where she earned a Merit Award. Addison's accomplishment reflects her creativity and commitment, and she will be honored at Nassau County's Spring Conference dinner.

District Administration, PTA members, and families celebrated all participants for their hard work and dedication. The PTA's support and guidance were vital in nurturing these young artists and encouraging them to explore their creative potential. Special thanks to our PTA Reflections chairs: Karyn Tanacan, Lisa Pigott, Kelly Verdi, Christine Hopper, Toni Alberghine, and Kristin Dorso.

The National PTA Reflections program recognizes students' artistic achievements, boosts their confidence, and nurtures their passion for the arts. With a history of over 50 years, this program inspires students to express their thoughts and emotions creatively, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the artistic realm. Over 300,000 students participate each year, making it a platform where students can shine and grow.

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