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Saltzman East Memorial fifth grader Brianna Rosario entered the “Superintendent for A Day” raffle at the Dalers Deck the Halls Breakfast in December. On Friday, May 262023, Brianna shadowed Mr. Paul Defendini and acted as Superintendent. Brianna was kind enough to share a few words about her special day.

 “There were so many great things I did while being Superintendent for the day. First, when we met at his office, we reviewed his day and mine, going over important papers and writing out birthday cards. It’s important for Mr. Defendini to write a personal note on each card. I thought that was super nice. Then we went around to different schools first was Howitt, where we met the principal, walked around the hallway, and talked to some of the students to find out what project they were working on. Then SEM for the Heroes parade, which was awesome. Then after that, we went to Farmingdale High School, where we walked around meeting students and staff. He taught me that the secretaries, custodians, and students are so important to him, asking how their day was and getting to know them. Afterward, we went to Woodward Parkway, where I heard the kindergarteners singing their moving-up song; I even got to read to a kindergarten class. Mr. Defindini took me to lunch at my favorite place and then returned to SEM to watch a play, “The Wizard of Oz,” performed by Farmingdale High School students. I would like to say Thank you so much to Mr. Defendini for an awesome day!”

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