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The Farmingdale Playcrafters intricately staged Shakespeare's timeless love and tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, in a unique “in the round” seating arrangement. The chemistry between the actors embodying Romeo and Juliet touched the audience, drawing them into the heartfelt story with every eloquently delivered line. The attention to detail in every costume, prop, and lighting choice enhanced the overall experience for everyone in attendance.

Romeo and Juliet marks Mr. Glen Becks' seventh time directing a Playcrafters production. He stresses that Shakespeare's work stands the test of time.

“I think it's incredibly valuable for Playcrafters students to experience performing a Shakespearean piece at least once during their high school journey. In 2019, we took on A Midsummer Night's Dream, and our next venture was Romeo and Juliet. Initially, the students were apprehensive about the task and the extensive workload, but I believe they now recognize and value what they have achieved.”

The classic tale of love and tragedy unfolded on the stage as William Herbert embodied the passionate Romeo Montague with his heartfelt performances, drawing the audience into the depths of his emotions. Madelyn Jimenez and Emma Mountrichas, portraying the iconic character of Juliet Capulet, brought a unique and dynamic energy to the role, captivating the spectators with their grace and poise. Together, the talented trio at Farmingdale High School breathed new life into Shakespeare's timeless masterpiece, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed their unforgettable performances.

The star-crossed lovers were joined on stage by a remarkable cast, including Ava Lanot, Olivia Renyak, Nova Bulin, Justin Coccaro, Oscar Assalone, Alexa Nazario, Clayton Bany, and Robert Silverstein. The performance also showcased Gabby Pace, Thomas Haggerty, Robert Herbst, Lea Fredonis, Leo Scardnia, Christian Gordon, Mia Andriopoulos, Diego Artura, Emily Gaba, Devin Williams, Allison Banz, Nicole Gross, Maya Patterson, Cindy Cullquipuma, Kaylin Cleere, Lily Scalfani, and Emily Gaba.

Director Mr. Glen Beck presented a distinctive challenge to his actors. They were tasked with adapting and performing a classic piece with intricate language within a tight three-month timeframe, and they also had to navigate a unique stage setting. Performing in the round involves situating the audience around the performance area. This intimate configuration heightens the audience's engagement with the actors, fostering a more immersive theatrical experience.

The dedication and creativity of each production team member brought Romeo and Juliet to life on stage. The stunning set design transported the audience to fair Verona, while the intricate costumes captured the essence of the Renaissance era. The carefully orchestrated lighting and sound enhanced the emotional depth of the play, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewers. The choreography added a dynamic element, beautifully complementing the passionate performances of the actors. This talented team wove together a tapestry of artistry that left a lasting impact on all fortunate enough to witness their collaboration.

The Farmingdale Playcrafters presented Romeo and Juliet to Howitt Middle School's theater students as a prelude to the opening night on Friday, March 15, at 7 pm. The performances included two showings on Saturday, March 16, at 1 pm and 7 pm.

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