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Farmingdale High School Roars with Pride

Farmingdale High School Named One of 2023-2024 Best High School thumbnail249034

Farmingdale High School starts the school year strong with impressive accolades. On Tuesday, August 29, U.S. News & World Report published the highly anticipated 2023 Best High Schools rankings. Among the impressive list of high schools, for the fourth year in a row, was the district’s very own Farmingdale High School!

“Farmingdale High School has received a great honor by being named among the U.S. News & World Reports' 2023 Best High Schools,” expressed Farmingdale High School Principal, Mr. Jed Herman. “This achievement serves as a testament to the school's commitment to academic excellence and its dedication to providing a quality education for its students. The recognition is also a reminder of the power of a united community working together towards a common goal. Congratulations to Farmingdale High School on this well-deserved recognition!"

The Farmingdale School District prides itself on its ability to prepare students for life post-graduation through the employment of a curriculum that provides students with the tools and experience they need to succeed. The data, collected during the 2020-2021 academic year, assessed students' display of college preparedness, reading and math proficiency, reading and math performance, and performance on Advanced Placement exams, as well as the District’s high graduation rates, all of which are core metrics for evaluating a high school’s national ranking. Our Dalers’ performance in all of these areas, as well as their impressive scores on several statewide assessments, did not go unnoticed, affording the school a spot on this highly regarded list.

“It comes as no surprise that the students and educators of Farmingdale School District have consistently maintained high standards,” said Superintendent Paul Defendini. “Their remarkable ability to achieve excellence is commendable, and their recent recognition in U.S. News & World Report is a testament to their hard work. Congratulations, Dalers! Let's aim to make this recognition a yearly occurrence.”

Schools that ranked in the top 40 percent nationally achieved status as U.S. News Best High Schools. Those recognized gained eligibility to display U.S. News-trademarked 2023 Best High Schools award “badges,” which are emblematic of the institution’s hard work. This achievement is shared by the students, staff, and teachers of Farmingdale High School, whose dedication to providing top-tier education, especially during these times, is truly commendable.

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