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Students at Saltzman East Memorial participated in the “Living History Museum” on Thursday, November 30th. Historical figures came to life with the push of a button and told visitors their stories.

This unique experience allowed students to learn about history in a new and interactive way. Each student chose a historical figure to research and portray for the museum exhibit. They spent weeks preparing for the event, creating costumes, props, and scripts to bring their chosen character to life. Visitors were able to walk through the museum, interacting with the students and their exhibits. Some of the historical figures represented included Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King Jr., and Albert Einstein.

The Living History Museum not only provided an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and knowledge, but also allowed visitors to learn about important historical figures and their contributions to society. The event was a great success and a wonderful learning experience for all involved.

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