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Band Camp Escort Bride to her Wedding

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Band Camp
At the end of September, the Farmingdale High School marching band made their annual trip to Pine Forest Camp in Greeley, PA to participate in Band Camp. The camp provides an opportunity for student musicians to practice their performances for football games. Over three hundred students—accompanied by 38 parent chaperones—attended camp this year.

"It was a great experience for the students," said music teacher Gina Pellettiere. "The Farmingdale High School marching band continues its tradition of being one of the biggest and best marching bands on Long Island!"

This year, they got the chance to do something special at a neighboring camp. They were asked to lead a wedding processional! The drumline and the junior class of the Dalerettes led the bride and her family to the altar! 

"The students had a great time, and the bride and groom were so appreciate and thankful," said Ms. Pellettiere.

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