After careful consideration of all data at our disposal regarding the important issue of armed security, the Board of Education has decided to implement armed security around the schools of our District. However, armed security will be permitted inside of our schools ONLY in response to an active shooter situation. Armed security shall otherwise be expressly forbidden from entering any of our schools.

The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and visitors are of the utmost importance to the Farmingdale School District. In response to the armed security exploration work that was one of the Board’s goals in the 2023/24 school year, the Board established a collaborative process which included our district wide stakeholders to gain insight, information and perspective. We understood that the topic of armed security would likely raise questions and concerns. Therefore, we included presentations for the Board and the community and other opportunities such as a survey to gather feedback and perspectives from Parents/Guardian, Students, and Staff who responded. All three of these stakeholder groups were in favor of armed security. We wanted to ensure transparency and inclusivity in this process. And as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a secure and nurturing learning environment, the Board has made the decision to enhance our school security measures by hiring armed security.

While the introduction of armed security is a proactive measure aimed at further safeguarding our school community while responding to the evolving challenges in today's world, our primary goal is to maintain a positive and nurturing learning environment for all students. Security measures will be implemented discreetly to minimize disruption to the educational experience. Armed security will be comprised of carefully selected, trained professionals with experience in law enforcement or relevant security positions. We will ensure that those entrusted with serving our Daler community as armed security possess the necessary expertise to effectively handle security-related situations. They will bring a high level of expertise to enhance the safety and security of our schools.

This information is being provided tonight to share the Board’s decision; however, we shall not divulge any further details about the implementation of our armed security to avoid compromising the plan’s integrity. As such, we will not reveal the number of armed security staff, their locations, patterns, or any other information that would undermine the goal of augmenting security measures for our schools.

The implementation of armed security in the Farmingdale School District furthers the many security measures already in place in our schools. We expect the presence of armed security to bolster our existing security protocols, thereby providing an additional layer of protection for students, staff, and visitors.

Farmingdale Schools will continue to collaborate closely with local law enforcement agencies such as the Nassau County 8th Precinct, Suffolk County 1st Precinct and Homeland Security to ensure a coordinated approach to school safety. This partnership is crucial for effective emergency/crisis response and overall security management. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated as we work together to further prioritize the safety of our school community.