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“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt!”

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The Long Island Special Olympics Spring Games were a success! Farmingdale Schools hosted the competition that brought athletes, coaches, volunteers, and community members together. It was a spectacular day for everyone involved.

Thank you to Special Olympics New York for allowing Farmingdale to host the 49th Special Olympic games. Thank you to our Board of Education: Michael Goldberg, Suzanne D’Amico, Mario Espinosa, Anthony Giordano, Arlene Soete, Kathy Lively, and Ralph Morales for your support and encouragement.

Thank you to Special Olympics New York’s regional director, Tim Flynn, for allowing us to host this event.

Thank you to Brian Norton, Chairperson for Special Education in Farmingdale Schools, for taking on the Executive Director of the Special Olympics role.

Thank you to the hardworking executive committee who attended dozens of planning meetings. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail made this day a great experience for the more than 2000 people in attendance.

To Farmingdale’s tireless support staff who prepared our facilities for the Olympic games. You readied our schools for this event in your quiet way, and our campus looked immaculate.

Thank you to our performing arts department. Your talents added an ambiance that took the opening ceremonies to another level.

Thank you to our first responders for your commitment to ensuring that we were all safe and well cared for.

And finally, to our over 350 athletes and Olympic village volunteers, the heroes of the day, thank you for giving your time to the athletes. This couldn’t have happened without you and your selfless support.

Highlights from the Special Olympic Spring Games

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