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Farmingdale School Budget Passes

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A message from the Farmingdale Board of Education

Residents Approve Farmingdale School District's 2022-2023 Budget

Farmingdale residents have voted to approve the Farmingdale School District’s 2022-23 budget. The budget passed with a vote of 2070-944. In addition, residents re-elected Suzanne D’Amico and Michael Goldberg, to the Farmingdale Board of Education for three years.

The detailed results are as follows:

Proposition No. 1 School Budget Yes 2070 No 944

Proposition No. 2 Buildings and Facilities Capital Reserve Fund Yes 2162 No 793

Proposition No. 3 Farmingdale Youth Council Yes 2217 No 706


Board Trustees

Suzanne D’Amico 2060

Parsa Karimi 957

Michael Goldberg 1955

Nicole Gnolfo 914


The approved budget will help support the many high-quality academic and extracurricular programs that have shaped the District’s long-standing reputation for excellence.

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