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Farmingdale High School Science National Honor Society Goes Batty

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This past month, the Farmingdale High School Science National Honor Society (SNHS), along with Mr. Boyd, Mrs. Whiatker, and Mr. Bilello, built, painted, and hung Bat Boxes while learning about the development and nature of the nocturnal animals.

"We Love Bats!" said Farmingdale High School senior Cole Hecker.

Besides being the only mammal that flies, most North American bats are nocturnal insectivores, which means they feed on night-flying insects—especially mosquitoes. A small bat can devour more than 600 mosquitoes in a single hour. They also eat beetles, wasps, and moths. So encouraging bats to nest near your house is a natural way to keep your yard bug-free.

Led by Jaden Keener and Erin Smyth, SNHS researched bats, their benefits to the community and even communicated with local experts at Suffolk County's Seatuck environmental association to figure out the best location and dimensions of bat boxes.

"I'm excited to see our bat boxes support the local ecosystem for years to come,” said Farmingdale High School junior Isabella Gurrera. “I love knowing that we're giving some wonderful bats a safe and happy home."

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