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Drama In the Courtroom!

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Farmingdale, NY (April 25, 2021 )—The scene is set. A jury room. It’s the summer of 1957—late afternoon. Reasonable doubt in what appeared to be an open and shut case sets the stage for Farmingdale High School Playcrafters’ rendition of 12 Angry Jurors. This time last year, the Playcrafters were about to perform their spring production of The Outsiders when schools nationwide were shut down due to COVID-19. Everyone involved in this year’s production was ready to take to the stage to perform once again.

“I am so thankful that we were able to offer a full performance of our spring play this year,” said theater teacher and director Glen Beck. “We managed to produce a great virtual show under the circumstances; there is truly nothing like the thrill of a live audience.”

12 Angry Jurors is Glen Beck’s fourth production with the Playcrafters. He’s joined by set designers Jamie Capasso and Erik Chocianowski. Heads of the student crew include Ann Burns (head of sound), Joseph Corsi (head of construction), Dominic DiBartolo (assistant stage manager), Dylan Dowdican (head of makeup), Vanessa Espinosa (head of costumes), Patrick Flanagan (backstage manager), Rachel Goldberg (head of sound), Jordan Harley (head of props), Ayla Irvine (head of props), Freddie Kaden (head of lighting), Brooke Kubelka (house manager), Maggie Lafferty (head of makeup), Matteo Laurino (house manager), Zoe Leung (head of paint), Sharon Lin (head of paint), Richard Magnani (head of construction), Katherine Marino (stage manager), Jordan Ohlenschlager (backstage manager), Luke Pichichero (assistant director), Vincent Sottile (head of lighting) and Amanda Treulich (head of costumes).

The cast who are only referred to by their juror numbers includes Aiden Kelly (juror 1/foreman), Ava Lanot (juror 2), Gabby Sferlazza (juror 3), Emma Graziadei (juror 4), Olivia Espinosa (juror 5), Trinity Babino (juror 6), Griffin Buksa (juror 7), Ryan Sweeney (juror 8), Jaxon Rivera (juror 9), Rebecca Kenjesky (juror 10), Megan Dreher (juror 11), Alexa Nazario (juror 12), Kiley Cacace (guard), Kaitlyn Cavallo (clerk), Matthew Fielding (guard), Sara Hughes (clerk), and Joanna Posillico (judge).

“12 Angry Jurors is a play that contemplates the huge responsibility of twelve ordinary people as they consider the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of murder,” said theater teacher and director Glen Beck. “The twelve jurors bring their histories, prejudices, and biases to the jury room as they work through this life or death decision.”

The original play, 12 Angry Men, was written in 1954 by Reginald Rose for male actors only since, during that time, women were forbidden from serving on a jury. However, since then, there have been countless productions where the cast has been entirely gender-inclusive. Meaning anyone could be cast in any role within the play.

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