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History Club Participates in Model United Nations Conference

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Ehsan Elminabawy and Ramita Chowdhury

The Model United Nations conference’s goal is simple: to garner a greater appreciation for diplomacy and its role in solving many of the world’s most pressing issues. Participating in Model UN can help students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, debating, building consensus, and the art of compromise, all of which are vital life skills that most people do not get a chance to practice very often. Twenty-four students from Farmingdale High School’s history club participated in the annual Hofstra University Model United Nations conference this year. Two of these students: Ramita Chowdhury and Ehsan Elminabawy, received honorable mention.

The Model United Nations Conference, held virtually this year, kicked off a two-day round of negotiating, drafting, discussions, and research with opening ceremonies on February 27, 2021. This year’s ceremony was a pre-recorded video watched before the start of committee session I. The closing ceremonies after the conference was completed summarized the debates and announced awards.

Ramita Chowdhury was recognized with an honorable mention for her work on the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL). SPECPOL is tasked with a wide range of political issues focused on decolonization, peacekeeping efforts, and peaceful outer space uses. This year SPECPOL members will address the following topics: Space Debris and its Danger to International Satellites and Improving and Ensuring the Safety of Atomic Energy Production.

“I represented the Republic of India on SPECPOL, where we discussed nuclear energy and space debris,” said Farmingdale High School student Ramita Chowdhury. This year, I was impressed with how well the discussion flowed and the lack of interruptions. The moderators were understanding and maintained a calm and fun mood throughout the conference.”

Ehsan Elminabawy was also recognized with an honorable mention for her work on the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). DISEC addresses and deals with disarmament issues, challenges to global security, and threats to international peace. This year DISEC members will be addressed the following topic: The Proliferation and Possible Regulations of Private Military Contractors.

“This year, I represented Iraq in the DISEC committee; I was faced with the task of solving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” said Farmingdale High School student Ehsan Elminabawy. I managed to work with other countries to combat this issue, and we successfully passed three resolutions. I am excited to see what is in store for next year.”

The Farmingdale High School history club is advised by teachers James Hughes and Jennifer Theo Kupstas. Its participants include Amanda Treulich, Ramita Chowdhury, Jacquelyne Jeavons, Emily Cohen, Gina Seo, Melissa Treulich, Annabella Barbuto, Waseem Ahmad, Ehsan Elminabawy, Nadiye Pinarli, Ryan Roth, Kevin Piraino, Isabella Mountrichas, Marcin Wasiuta, Lianna Kellndorfer, Anthony Domingo, Sophia Pieri, Janese Williams, Kayla Starke, Alex Alameda, Vanessa Espinosa, Elyssa Kenney, Elvina Tso, and Sara Manandhar.

The Hofstra University Model, United Nations Conference, is a simulation that allows students to come together and discuss international affairs. High school participants hone their debate skills and network among like-minded students.

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