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Tiny Candidates, Huge Ideas

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Votes have already been cast for the presidential election but for eight young politicians, the race has just begun.  All students, grades 3, 4, and 5 both in school and remote will have the opportunity to vote for Albany Avenue’s Student Council this Tuesday, November 24th.

“Student Council is a representative body in the school where students' voices can be heard,” said Albany Avenue Assistant Principal, Victoria LoRusso. “Positive ideas are exchanged and forward thinking changes can occur, having a true impact on the life of the school.”

The students who run for these offices — this year, for President: Jasen Georgilakis and Emma Kropp; Vice-President: Madison Douglas and Cameron Sanders; Treasurer: Chiara Langkay and Lilyana Gannon; and Secretary: Emma Hughes and Faith Dalto — are strong role models for all of our student body. By demonstrating the courage one must possess to take a risk by running for office and standing by their beliefs, they are showing true leadership qualities. They represent one of our fundamental rights and responsibilities as Americans, the democratic process of an election and the voting process.

Administrators and staff are extremely proud of all eight very deserving candidates. The efforts they demonstrate through their courage it takes to run, their creativity in their campaign posters, and the presentation of their ideas through the writing and presenting of their speeches is commendable. The possession of such qualities speaks to the caliber of academic excellence upheld in the Farmingdale School District.


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