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Staying Connected During COVID-19

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In the wake of the COVID-19 school closures, Farmingdale High School is leveraging social media platforms to help keep a sense of familiarity and connection among the hundreds of its students now learning remotely. 

FHS Assistant Principal Jed Herman, along with student government advisors Megan Grant and Ivelysee Powers, created an Instagram page—@FHSDalerPride. “This was done specifically to keep the school community connected,” said Mr. Herman. “A lot of our students were missing the face time of their school routine and this was a way to say we cared about them. I go on every day to see who is on and staying connected.” 

Students and teachers email their photographs to a district email account— From there, the pictures are curated and posted by Ms. Powers. “We needed to give everyone a way of keeping our school relationships going, even though we can’t be face to face,” said Ms. Powers. “This platform is helping our kids, and our teachers, keeping their spirits lifted as we all navigate this new world.”

Ms. Grant creates the weekly illustrations—she’s even designed a face mask for Dale the Mascot! “Every week we try to come up with a new theme,” she said. “So far, we’ve had a FHS Shout Out to Essential Workers, the FHS Battle of the Classes, and a Virtual Spirit Week."

“Seeing each other’s faces, and participating in the weekly challenges that we’ve been hosting has been amazing,” said Mr. Herman. “It’s a place to share high school pride and remain connected during these challenging times.”

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