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Living History at SEM

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Saltzman East Memorial Elementary School was turned into a living history museum last week, with students K-5 lining the hallways, dressed in historical costumes. The event, now in its fourth year, has students select a deceased historical figure, research them, and create a costume. 

On the night of the event, students line the hallways and pose in a statuesque manner. Visitors “push” a red button to make each historical figure come to life. Once activated, students recite who they are, share some interesting details of their lives, and explain their claim to fame. The statues and the visitors all earned a Pick A Reading Partner (PARP) badge for participating. 

“This is an annual event that the families at Saltzman East Memorial really look forward to and are excited to participate in,” said teacher and student council advisor Dina Ferrari Lopresto.

This year, the historical figures included Betsy Ross, Joan of Arc, and Fred Rogers!

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