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Let's make sure all Dalers Count!

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Today is Census Day! A key reference date for the 2020 Census (not a deadline) to remind everyone to fill out their Census questionnaire.

The 2020 Census is our one chance to ensure that Long Island gets its fair share of funding, resources, and elected representation for years to come. Census data affects much more than we often realize - everything from school funding to class size to resources for road repair, from where businesses choose to locate to even the number of representatives we have in Congress. Even though the Census influences so many aspects of our day to day lives and things we may take for granted, many people do not know just how important filling out the Census questionnaire truly is. The stakes for our region couldn't be higher, especially now. 

It is up to us to stand together to ensure that Long Island is fairly and fully represented in the 2020 Census. Make sure to fill out the 2020 Census and do everything you can to share the word about this important civic duty!


¡Hoy es el día del censo! Una fecha de referencia clave para el Censo 2020 (no una fecha límite) para recordar a todos que deben completar su cuestionario del Censo.

El Censo 2020 es nuestra única oportunidad para garantizar que Long Island obtenga su parte justa de fondos, recursos y representación elegida en los próximos años. Los datos del censo afectan mucho más de lo que a menudo nos damos cuenta: desde la financiación de la escuela hasta el tamaño de la clase y los recursos para la reparación de carreteras, desde donde las empresas deciden ubicarse hasta el número de representantes que tenemos en el Congreso. Aunque el Censo influye en muchos aspectos de nuestra vida cotidiana y en cosas que podemos dar por sentado, muchas personas no saben cuán importante es realmente completar el cuestionario del Censo.
Lo que está en juego para nuestra región no podría ser mayor, especialmente ahora.

Depende de nosotros unirnos para garantizar que Long Island esté justa y plenamente representada en el Censo 2020. ¡Asegúrese de completar el Censo 2020 y haga todo lo posible para compartir la palabra sobre este importante deber cívico!

Thank you Cafeteria & Transportation Staff!

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Cafeteria Staff
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A big shout out to our cafeteria and transportation staff!
Every morning at 6am, with assembly-line precision in the west cafeteria of HMS, the Farmingdale School District’s cafeteria staff are preparing and bagging approximately 300 free/reduced-price meals for students in need. These meals are being picked up and delivered by staffers Larry Mattei and Brian Sammut, with extra help from Marc Medina and Troy Hill from our District Transportation Office. 
Thank you to them for making this possible!

Thank you to our Custodial Staff!

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Custodial Staff
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Custodial Staff
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Custodial Staff
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Custodial Staff
Much gratitude for our custodial staff!
Every day since the closure, the Farmingdale School District custodial staff has reported to work to deep clean all six of our school buildings—scouring desks, walls, and floors across the district. They are disinfecting thousands of surfaces to ensure our students and staff come back to a safe and clean environment. At a time when most people are avoiding public areas of congregation, our custodial team has thrust themselves into that very environment without reservation.
“I want to express my deep appreciation for our crews! They cleaned every inch of 500,000 square feet of space,” said Martin Dar Conte, Operation and Maintenance for Farmingdale Schools. “It was a monumental task and I am so proud to be a part of this group. Thank you!”
“Heroes come in all shapes and sizes,” said Superintendent Paul Defendini. “Today, our heroes are these brave and giving custodians. Thank you, team, for putting yourself out there for our safety. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!”

Theatre Students Perform Monologues

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On Saturday, March 7, 2020, five students, along with theatre teacher Glen Beck, attended the 22nd annual Monologue Competition for high school and middle school students at Nassau Community College. This year’s theme was “Thinking Outside the Box.”

The students— Jonathan Doty, Ashley Deschamps, Mia Smith, Zipporah Muse, and Rebecca Kenjesky—were required to perform a one-minute monologue in front of a panel of college theatre professors. Rebecca Kenjesky took third place in the high school freshman/sophomore category.

“I am very proud of the students and their participation,” said Mr. Beck. “Each had excellent monologues and faced some tough competition. The genesis of their monologues took place in theatre class and I was thrilled to see these five students represent the excellent work that our Farmingdale students are capable of performing.”

HMS Hosts Genre Con 2020

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The library staff at Weldon E. Howitt Middle School hosted its third annual Genre Con on Saturday, March 7, 2020—a day to celebrate all the different genres of storytelling encompassed in art, literature, and pop culture. Scores of children in grades 6-8 participated and were encouraged to come in costume. The day was packed with special guests and the east gym was transformed into an elaborate reading-themed scavenger hunt, where students visited book tables to find clues. 

Author and poet Darren Sardelli entertained students with his hilarious poems. He also traced the development of his writing career, telling students about his journey to become a writer, despite his dislike for English class. Author and illustrator Chris Soentpiet also spoke about the trajectory of his career and shared some of his award-winning artwork with students. During a mini-workshop, he had teacher Anna McCarthy pose as a model to demonstrate how he uses light and shading to create his artwork. Both guests emphasized the importance of hard work in pursuing your dreams. 

Darth Vader and Kylo Ren from the 501st Legion (an organization of costume enthusiasts) mingled with students and posed for photos at a green screen photo station. Art teacher Audra Donroe and her team of student volunteers used light writing technology to help young students create stunning pieces of photography. Farmingdale Public Librarian Elena Jannello spoke about the many teen programs and special events the library hosts. There was also a "flashback corner" where students could curl up on beanbag chairs with stuffed animals and revisit their favorite childhood picture books.

"I am so grateful to the members of the Howitt PTA, the Genre Con Committee, and all the chaperones, administrators, and student volunteers who helped to make Genre Con 2020 a tremendous success,” said Library Media Specialist Jennifer Bleicher. “In addition to being a lot of fun, events like this promote reading, foster a sense of community, and provide a creative outlet for students and faculty alike!"

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