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District Assessment Plan

Farmingdale assessments currently in use allow teachers to gather data on student ability and achievement levels in order to make instructional decisions in the best interest of each student. 

The Assessment Program serves many purposes including the following:
• Improve student learning.
• Provide teachers with ongoing and cumulative data to measure student development and academic achievement.
• Provide meaningful information to parents about the growth and development of their children.
• Provide a means to evaluate and improve the district’s academic programs.
• Hold schools accountable for meeting performance goals.

With a clear understanding of the purposes of assessment, Farmingdale has developed specific assessment goals. 
The major goals of the program include the following:
• Measure and evaluate student achievement and growth on a regular basis for the purpose of improving student learning.
• Diagnose students’ needs in order to make informed decisions, choices, and judgments useful in guiding classroom instruction.
• Provide information to place students in appropriate programs that best support their instructional and developmental needs. (e.g., ENL Program, Special Education, Math & Reading Resource, etc.).
• Provide the means to report student academic progress to parents.
• Explain and interpret the Assessment Program to staff, parents, students, Board of Education, and other community groups.
• Gather longitudinal information to measure and evaluate students’ academic progress over time.
• Determine the effectiveness of the District’s instructional and curricular programs.

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