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Howitt librarians and FACS teachers are collaborating on a cookbook project for the entire 7th grade. The project starts with a “book pass” in which students rotate through Howitt Library cookbooks, passing them among one another on a timer. It is an immersive and engaging reading experience that exposes students to a wide range of books in a short amount of time. Cookbook themes include teen cuisine, cultural, historical, vegetarian, baking, and more. Students take notes on recipes that catch their interest. The project culminates with creating a digital, 7th Grade Daler Family Cookbook. Students have the choice to contribute a recipe from their own family or from one of the cookbooks they enjoyed from the Howitt Library collection, blending the culture and traditions of the Daler community with Howitt Library books and resources. The project has students applying and reinforcing vocabulary and concepts from their current FACS curriculum while being fun and engaging.