Give Thanks & Give Back

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Every year Farmingdale High School culinary students work tirelessly to prepare an authentic Thanksgiving dinner. Upon completion of cooking and baking, students sit down to enjoy their meals together. This year's Thanksgiving Feast was scheduled for Thursday, November 19th and Friday November 20th. However; due to a last minute switch to a remote learning schedule for these days, teachers were left with enough food to feed more than 130 people and no students in attendance to eat them.

Culinary teachers, Kate Kreuter and Jen Akeson didn't want these Thanksgiving dinners to spoil and go to waste. They had the idea to reach out to Farmingdale High School social worker Josseline Morales. Together Kreuater, Akeson and Morales worked to distribute the food and donate the meals to families in need within the Farmingdale community.

“I want to express how grateful I am to work with colleagues as caring and thoughtful as you all,” said Farmingdale High School Principal, Samuel Thompson, Ed.D. “You’ve shown our students the importance of giving and supporting our community.”