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FHS Girls’ Cross-Country Team Collects Trash as they Train

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Girls' Cross-Country
On a recent Saturday morning, Farmingdale High School Coach Rich Santa Maria added an environmental twist to his girls’ cross-country training session. During their run—from FHS to Bethpage Park and back—he challenged them to pick up any trash they encountered along the way.

“This team is a rather energetic bunch and the team captains were eager to get the girls involved in some type of community service," said Coach Santa Maria. "The captains were especially helpful throughout the run, and I sweetened the pot by offering a small prize to the group that picked up the most trash by weight. As a lifelong Daler, it was really nice to see the girls doing the right thing for the right reasons, and they really put a dent in the litter situation along the trail!”

The girls enjoyed the run so much, they’re planning to do another training/trash pick-up in the direction of Brady Park. 

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