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Farmingdale Students Seas the Day!

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Farmingdale Surf for All Day

The weather was pitch perfect for Farmingdale School District’s 7th annual Surf For All day—held last week in Long Beach. 

Every year, Special Education teacher Jennifer Jensen from Woodward Parkway Elementary School coordinates this special day with Surf For All Co-founder Cliff Skudin and Jeanine Sorenson, co-founder of Surf for All’s Adaptive Surf Camp. Surf For All is a Long Beach nonprofit dedicated to getting people with disabilities onto surf boards and into the ocean. They work with students who have a broad spectrum of disabilities, including: autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and visual impairments. 

Nearly twenty K-12 Farmingdale students were given the opportunity to surf and experience the ocean! 

“It lifts their spirits and gives them a sense of independence,” said Mr. Skudin. “They learn that if they can ride a wave, they can do anything.” Five certified instructors, along with a number of volunteers help make the day possible. 

The two-hour session began with a surf circle, where Mr. Skudin explained that they were there to enjoy and connect with the ocean. Student were then paired with instructors, given a brief lesson on land, then paddled out to catch some waves. Everyone had fun, and many students mastered their surfing skills—riding waves all the way into shore! 

Albany Avenue Elementary School Principal Joseph Valentine and Saltzman East Memorial Elementary School Principal Trish O’Regan came down to cheer on their students. Everyone was treated to a pizza lunch after the session.


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