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I Will Change the World By

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Farmingdale Students Shine in National PTA Art Program

Several young Farmingdale artists entered this year’s PTA Reflections program. The theme of the 2021-2022 school year was “I Will Change the World By.....”. Students expressed their creativity in categories such as photography, visual arts, music composition, film production, dance choreography, and literature. Fifteen students from the Farmingdale School District advanced to the Nassau Region level of judging.

Each year, over 300,000 students in Pre-K through Grade twelve create original works of art in response to a student-selected theme. This 50 plus year-old program helps students explore their thoughts, feelings, and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning to help them become more successful in school and life.

Farmingdale High School junior Madison Sosnowski received an Award of Excellence from the Farmingdale HS PTA. Her photography entry “Ain't Life Grand” advanced to the NY State level of judging.

Awards of Merit were given to Farmingdale High School junior Kiley Cacace for her photography entry “Creative Vision” and freshman Samara Fuentes Mayorca for her visual arts entry “I Will Change the World by Being Human.”

Seven Howitt Middle School students received Awards of Merit in several different categories. Both sixth-graders, Evan Moscoso and Emily Farrell, were honored in the literature (special artist category). Photography winners were Elizabeth Hilton, sixth-grade, and Chloe Corrigan seventh-grade. Eighth-grader Daniel Hilton was celebrated in the literature category, sixth-graders Jasmine Koppel and Madison Douglas won in the visual arts category.

Students from Albany Avenue Elementary were also honored. Third-grader Mya Corrigan, Second-grader Juliet Ortiz, and fifth-grader Sophia Ortiz all received Awards of Merit in the visual arts category.

Woodward Parkway Elementary second-grade students Tyler Dankowitz and Francesca Boyle each received Awards of Merit in literature and photography.  

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