What are the district’s protocols for testing and tracing?

Temperature Testing: All students will have their temperature taken upon arrival at school. Security aides and school staff will be taking student temperatures at the door after getting off the bus. If a student presents a temperature of 100.0, feels ill, or gets sick while in school, they will be sent directly to the school nurse for assessment. If they display any COVID related symptoms, they will be placed into an area isolated from others where they will remain. A parent will be called to pick-up the child immediately.   The parent will be advised to have the child seen by their Doctor. 

*****The same protocol will be followed for all members of the faculty and staff.

Tracing Protocols: If a student tests positive for COVID, their doctor will alert the Department of Health, contact the school, and perform contact tracing. This will initiate a 14-day quarantine mandate to all students and teachers that were in the same class(s) and possibly additional spaces such as the school bus, cafeteria etc. as the student who tested positive for COVID-19. All siblings of the infected student will need to quarantine as well.  If a parent tests positive, the student as well as all family members need to be quarantined for the time that the parent is symptomatic and for the 14 days after the parent is no longer symptomatic.  The building principal and nurse’s office will be the COVID -19 point of contact.  All nurses in the district have been formally trained via Johns Hopkins Hospital and will be our Contact Tracing experts.  Nurses will work with the District physician and Dept. of Health to initiate contact tracing protocols.