Class of 2020 Friday Night Lights Tribute

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On Friday, May 1, 2020, at 8:20PM (20:20 military time), Farmingdale Schools, along with other districts across both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, will honor the Class of 2020 in a unique way. Stadium lights at Farmingdale High School and Weldon E. Howitt Middle School will be illuminated for 20 minutes to represent the class of 2020, and scoreboards will be set to read 20:20. The date May 1st was chosen because it’s the date that all seniors need to commit to their college choices. The community is invited to play a role by dressing in Daler gear and flickering their front lights during this time.  

“We’ve been looking at everything we can think of to honor our students whose milestone events have been sidelined because of the pandemic,” said FHS Principal Dr. Samuel Thompson. “Our seniors are missing out on a lot and this is an opportunity to show our support for them.” 

Farmingdale Athletics Director Jeanne Berkoski brought the idea to the attention of administrators after meeting with other athletic directors. “The original intention was that it would be a tribute to senior athletes,” she said. “But then we decided to do it for the whole class.”

Superintendent Paul Defendini wants anyone who lives near the stadiums, or might be passing by, to understand the significance and not be surprised by the lights being on during a time when schools are closed.

Gates will remain locked, entrance to the fields are prohibited, and security will be on-site to discourage gatherings of any kind.